Burgeoning of a new Plast branch in Nizhyn

Plast movement began it`s emerging almost with the onset of quarantine imposition. Daryna Yakushchenko - a volunteer from Nizhyn, gathered like-minded people together and visited with them a Plast training session in Chernihiv in February. Already then they intended to [...]

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In memory of Liubomyr Husar

It is no exaggeration to say that the most famous, respected and loved among Plast members is the former head of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and senior scout Liubomyr Husar. He is considered the ideological successor of Metropolitans Archbishop Andrey [...]

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Plast scouts perform their professional and civil duties

Many scout physicians around the world perform their own professional duty, struggling with the pandemic COVID-19. One of such people, which makes our world better every day is Natalka Nahuliak. She is a [...]

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How is it to be a manager of one of the biggest Plast branches in Ukraine?

Nazar is 26 years old, he has been managing one of the biggest Plast branches in Ivano-Frankivsk for already 2 years with about more than 500 members. Moreover he works as a mentor for a group of teenagers and [...]

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