The ideological foundations of Ukrainian Scouting organization Plast

The ideological foundations of the organization

The ideological principles of the organization are based on the three main responsibilities of the Plast member and the Plast Law.

After completing the first leadership program (for Scouts in the age of 11-18 y.o.) or getting a valid membership in the organization (for Rover\Senior Scouts) Plast members make the Plast oath where they promise:

  • to be loyal to God and Ukraine;
  • to help others;
  • to live according to the Plast law and obey the Plast leadershipment.

Plast law is a list of qualities that should be developed by each Plast member throughout life. So according to the Plast law each member of the organization should be:

  1. Spoken (to follow his\her pledge);
  2. Conscientious (trying to do his\her best each work which he\her begins);
  3. Well organized (can plan everything and perfom it well);
  4. Economy (uses rationally all the types of resources);
  5. Fair (follow the rules of “Fair play”, tries to be objective as much as it possible);
  6. Polite (knows and follows the norms of etiquette);
  7. Friendly and tolerant (respects all the nationalities, religious and culture communities, always is ready to help them);
  8. Balanced (tries to control his\her emotions);
  9. Useful (is useful for community, society, country);
  10. Obedient to the plast leadershipment (executes orders of the Plast leadershipment (which don`t violate the Plast law) and also has right for expression of the thoughts);
  11. Attentive (“Be prepared!”);
  12. Cares about the health (takes health as a value);
  13. Loves beauty and cares about it (protects beauty and changes his\her environment for the better);
  14. Optimistic (prepares for the worst and hopes for the better).

There is simplified Plast law for Cub Scouts (6-11 y.o.) which consists of 5 puncts. According to them Cub Scout should:

  • love the God and Ukraine;
  • obey the parents and Plast mentors;
  • make good deeds;
  • follow the rules of “Fair play”;
  • try to be always better.