Programs for kids scouts in Plast

The value of Plast scouting

Plast exists for the development of Ukrainian children and youth. In Plast, children learn to be independent and responsible, help others and become better. Along with their personal development, Ukraine also develops.

What skills does Plast develop through the scouting method?

Law and Oath


Voluntary acceptance of the Plast Oath and the promise to fulfill the Plast Law encourages children to self-discipline, teaches them to keep their promise to themselves and to others.

Learning by doing


In Plast, children acquire new knowledge through games and practical experience. In this game format, the child develops as a leader, learns to bear responsibility not only individually, but also for others.

Hive system


By working together and creating various projects, children develop their social skills: they learn to interact with each other, resolve conflict situations, help friends in difficult situations, etc.

The charm of scouting


Plast is a universe that charms through its symbolism, traditions, and the romance of life in nature. The Plast program is aimed at developing creative skills. Plast members are the authors of many songs, poems, and books.


Desire for continuous development

Plast creates an environment for harmonious development and self-education of individuals. Each child determines when to complete tasks, acquire new skills, learning to never stand still.

Living in nature

Caring for your health

Plast members try to spend much of their time in the fresh air and lead an active lifestyle. It hardens both the body and the character. Plast also teaches to take care of nature and spreads eco-awareness to save the planet.

Adult example

Joie de vivre

Adults in Plast are called friends and are mentors. By their example, they show that mistakes form experience, and difficulties become new challenges in the "Great Game", which must be accepted in order to move forward, to reach new pinnacles.

Participation in community life


Plast members tie a knot on their scarves, as a reminder to do good deeds every day. Every year, more than 1,000 socially useful projects of Plast take place: cleaning parks, planting trees, holding charity events, etc.

Programs for children

2–6 y.o.

Little birds

They work with their parents, get to know the world and scouting.

7–11 y.o.

Cub scouts

Develop their character and personality.

12–17 y.o.


Develop, practice teamwork, help others.


Children in Plast systematically complete tasks, gain new badges on their uniform and move to the next level of the program. At the same time, they develop, get to know themselves and the world around them, learn to communicate with others, take care of themselves, live in nature, etc.

Merit Badges

Plast skills teach a set of specific learning goals in a certain field (for example, practical camping skills, sports, natural sciences, etc.). This allows the child to acquire new knowledge or deepen the knowledge already acquired.


Plast has a system of awards that motivate Plast members to grow as individuals: to do good deeds, to show leadership qualities in non-standard situations, to responsibly perform duties as the head of various Plast groups, etc.


Plast scouts can challenge themselves in many different specialized fields and gain basic knowledge and skills of various types of activities: water, winter, sea, equestrian, air, bicycle tourism, etc.

The Plast program is implemented through:

Weekly activities

Activities are devoted to various topics: Plast theory, Ukrainian history and culture, science, art, crafts, singing, etc. Children get the necessary knowledge to complete tasks and move to the next levels of the program, and later begin to independently organize for themselves for their Plast group.

Training sessions

These are sessions with a goal of acquiring specific knowledge. For example, an ecological training event can be one where children learn to sort and recycle garbage; training in practical camping or outdoor skills is where they get used to life in nature, tie knots, make fire; while training in Ukrainian mythology is dedicated to Ukrainian history, culture and literature, etc.

Hikes and Trips

At different levels, Plast scouts organize trips between cities or through the mountains. These are mostly hiking trips, but can also be by bicycle. Such travels become real adventures that harden children, make them more resilient, make friends, and teach survival in nature.


The camps are the culmination of the yearly Plast program. There, children show what they have learned and gain even more skills and knowledge. At the camps, children become more independent, learn to take care of themselves and nature. In addition, we have camps with individual specializations where children can learn to kayaks, fly paragliders, ski, do art and more.

Local Events

Small and medium-sized Plast groups regularly organize their own events. These can be activities, training, trips and camps, as well as other activities: musical and literary evenings, field games, sports, intellectual competitions or board game tournaments, etc. At such events, children demonstrate their abilities and find new friends.

National events

Plast members from all over Ukraine gather for these events. These are art festivals where children sing, dance, draw, prepare plays, sports tournaments in volleyball, football, handball, etc., competitions in practical camping and outdoor skills, where children build various structures in nature, cook food on fire, etc.

Plast international events

Plast is open to cooperation and new associations. Plast Scouts gladly invite scouts from all over the world to their events, and also come to scout events in different countries.

The largest Plast Events

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