Strategic Mission of Plast 2030

Plast’s strategy 2030

This project of strategy is based on Plast values, Plast law, mission of the organization and shows vector of Plast development till 2030. It consist of strategic mission, vision and strategic goals which we would like to achieve during this period.

Strategic mission till 2030

Our mission till 2030 is to create successful Ukraine through capable members of Plast.

Successful Ukraine is achieving safety and sustainable development.

Capable Plast`s members:

conscious, responsible and full citizens who aspire to achieve aims together, to be joyful ( also in our organization) and and to serve the ukrainian society.

Vision 2030

Till 2030 Plast is the capable organization which is available for each child and creates positive changes on local and national levels.

Strategic goals till 2030

I) Plast is the capable organization with the implemented organizational systems

  • All the members of Plast know, understand, implement and agree with values, vision, mission and strategy of the organization.
  • The culture of organizational development is implemented through the creation of main politics of the organization. (For example:transparent system of decisions making; financial management; HR-management which includes politics of the motivation and involvement of volunteers etc.).
  • There is an established system of the collection, analysis, systematization and exchange of information about plast community (members at all, mentors, instructors), trainings and specializations.

II) Plast is equally represented on the whole territory of Ukraine (not only in cities, but also in all the areas and associations of local communities)

  • 10% of ukrainian school-age youth knows about existence of Plast or are our members.
  • Each Plast community includes educational groups of UPN (children in the age of 6-11), UPU (youth in the age of 11-18) and active adult scouts 18+ (at least in amount 1-4).
  • 90% of the UPU groups are organized in kureni (special structure which includes 2+ UPU groups; it has its own legend, patron and even scout scarf/necker) which provide to the full scout self-education.

III) There are strong communications between present scouts and alumni of the organization who works together to reach the strategic mission of Plast (successful Ukraine).

  • The present communities of different structures and specializations are created. These communities has well-built communications, actual databases, plan of events, range of professional opportunities for younger scouts etc.
  • The list of Plast projects and potential projects at different levels is formed. The alumni of the organization are involved to their implementation.
  • The network of professional platforms is created (a kind of association of professionals from Plast community) to solve the important cases in different sectors of ukrainian social and community life.

IV) Plast community implements useful projects for ukrainian society to confirm the values and skills which they have become in the organization. It also has the ethics of labour and capacity to achieve goals.

  • The culture of socially-useful projects is formed. These projects could be implemented together with other organizations, medias, governing bodies at different levels, interested people etc.
  • The Plast educational method provides becoming the values and skills according to the formed profile of the organization’s alumnus.
  • The system of permanent involving, education and development of mentors and administrators functions and helps to implement strategic mission of the organization.
  • At least 40% of UPU-age scouts (11-18 y.o.) has ended the half of Plast educational program (and done a special ceremonial of the oath) and 10% has finished the educational program (and reached the highest scout-degree during UPU-age).

V) Plast in Ukraine is a check-centre of the world Plast community.

  • There is one formed vision in the Plast community about activities of the organization as part of KUPO (Conference of the ukrainian plast organizations) and interaction between main governing bodies of Plast.
  • There is a well-built communications system between Plast members in Ukraine and abrought (in diaspora) which helps to make exchanges of knowledges, practices and even scouts (instructors, administrators and mentors) from different countries.
  • Plast in Ukraine offers different methods (educational, motivation etc.) to other countries where Plast also exists.

VI) Plast is a part of the world scouting

  • Plast community often learns about activities of the WOSM and other scout associations.
  • There is a well-built communications system with other scout organizations.
  • Plast is a member of the world organization of the scout movement.