Plast - Ukrainian scouting

Plast —
National Scout
Organization of Ukraine

Plast Mission

Plast Mission — to provide Ukrainian youth with the skills needed to develop Ukraine, as based on the Scout Law and the Scout Promise.

Scout Law

Scout Law — a scout will: Be true to their word, Conscientious, Accurate, Thrifty, Fair, Polite, Fraternal and Benevolent, Balanced, Helpful, Obedient, Attentive, Careful with respect to health, Love beauty and take care of it, and Optimistic.

Scout Promise

"I swear on my honor that I will do everything in my power to: Love God and Ukraine; Help others; and Live according to the Scout Law".

Plast is the first scouting organization to be present in Ukraine



The first Scout Promise in Ukraine was sworn on April 12, 1912.

10 000


Plast - the most numerous scouting and youth organization, that unites over 7000 children and 2500 adults.



Before the war, Plast was present in over 140 cities in Ukraine.


events are held every year

A system and range of activities exist in Plast, contributing to the development of children and youth.

What we are doing for the victory of Ukraine

We are helping children to adapt

Children should be able to develop in any circumstances. That’s why we help them adapt to today’s realities in Ukraine and continue to develop even now.

We provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians

Because of the war, many Ukrainians have lost their homes and their possessions or live under continuous fire. Thus, we have created over 50 headquarters of Plast humanitarian hubs, where people can receive aid.

We protect Scout-Defenders

We are gathering all of our resources, so that all members of Plast return home alive after our victory. That's why we raise funds to make their lives better: we buy helmets, bulletproof vests, first-aid kits, sleeping bags, and other necessities.

Plast development

Educational programs of Plast are based on the scouting method for children from 2 to 17 years old. We create conditions, in which they can experience incredible adventures, and through play, gain new knowledge and experience, develop physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

programs for adults

Adults, over the age of 18, join Plast as volunteers who implement educational programs for children. Through various training programs, we teach them how to work with children, organize events, manage educational groups, etc.


Does Plast continue to work with children during the war?

Does Plast cooperate with other scouting organizations?

Does Plast exist in other countries?

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Plast continues to fulfill its main goal — to develop children and youth under all circumstances. Unfortunately, half of the territory of Ukraine is under constant shelling. In this part, face-to-face classes with children stopped completely, as most families were forced to leave their homes and flee abroad. For those who remain, we attempt to continue online classes.

In the territories that are less exposed to shelling from the Russian side, we continue our activities in premises that have bomb shelters in case of air raids.

Adults in Plast talk to children about the war, help them adapt psychologically and do everything possible to create an environment of calm, support and friendship for them even in war conditions.

Of course, during the 110-year history of its existence, Plast scouts have cooperated with many scouts from various scouting organizations. We are sincerely grateful to you, friends, that you are with us always, especially now, when Ukrainians must win back their independence for once and for all. Your support enables us to continue helping children and youth grow and change the world for the better.

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Yes, Plast exists in more than 27 countries of the world.

When Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, Plast was banned, and Plast members were persecuted. Having found themselves in exile in other countries, Ukrainians united around Plast. This is how Plast centers began to appear all over the world.

Also, after February 24, many scouts were forced to leave their homes and go abroad, joining Plast centers in different countries. We make every effort to conduct activities, trainings, and camps for them, even in such circumstances.

We thank all representatives of world scouting who support us and involve our children in their activities.

We develop children and youth for the development of Ukraine!


The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine

We have been jointly organizing camps for children from areas close to the frontline since 2015. We also assist Ukrainians who reside near war zones with humanitarian aid.


The anti corruption initiative of the EU in Ukraine for the purchase of armor that has saved over 300 lives.

United Help Ukraine

At the beginning of the war, UHU became one of the first who helped scout-soldiers, so that all of them can return home alive.

Nova Ukraine

Together with Nova Ukraine, Plast organizes camps for children and also delivers food to hot spots in Ukraine, in order to help Ukrainians.