Information for Plast partners

During the 110-year history of its existence, Plast scouts have cooperated with many organizations and companies.

We are sincerely grateful to you, friends, that you are with us always, especially now, when Ukrainians must win back their independence for once and for all. Your support enables us to continue helping children and youth grow and change the world for the better.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine

We have been jointly organizing camps for children from areas close to the frontline since 2015. We also assist Ukrainians who reside near war zones with humanitarian aid.


The anti corruption initiative of the EU in Ukraine for the purchase of armor that has saved over 300 lives.

United Help Ukraine

At the start of the war, UHU became one of the first who helped scout-soldiers, so that all of them can return home alive.

Nova Ukraine

Together with Nova Ukraine, Plast organizes camps for children and also delivers food to hot spots in Ukraine, in order to help Ukrainians.

Canada - Ukraine Foundation

Together, we deliver packages of food for Ukrainians who live near active battle zones.


With the support of ZHP, close to 1500 children were able to safely participate in camps in Poland. We are thankful for the support and multi year assistance of our friends, within the scope of the  “Flames of Brotherhood” campaign.


We thank our friends at C.N.G.Е.I for the opportunity for 100 cub scouts to participate in camps at the facilities this organization has in Italy. The children were able to participate in joint activities and spend time in an atmosphere of friendship and support.


With the support of Italian scouts, Plast cub scouts were able to hold their camps in safety- at the bases of fellow scouts in Italy, continuing their renewal and development even during wartime.

Slovensky skauting

We would like to thank our scouting friends for many years of long-standing friendship, for humanitarian aid and for the opportunity to camp for over 300 kids from Plast. This scouting friendship is strong and reliable, and every plast member in Ukraine feels this way.

Junak - chekh scouting

With the support of our scout friends from the Czech Republic, 32 scouts from Plast visited Prague for the Central European Jamboree, gaining new knowledge and impressions in a friendly setting.


Swedish scouts invited over 50 Ukrainian scouts for the World Jamboree, sharing their support during difficult times.

Lietuvos Skautija

Lithuanian scouts invited 20 scouts from Ukrainian Plast to experience the enriching atmosphere of camping, learning new skills, gathering insights and making new friends.

Žemaitijos skautų organizacija

Together with Lithuanian scouts, 14 Ukrainian scouts had an unforgettable camp. We are thankful for the warm welcome of our children into a home-like setting, especially as their own homes were under fire in Ukraine.

Consult Red

With the company Consult Red, we provide humanitarian support to Ukrainians who live in hot spots or who have limited resources who can not provide for the essentials of life independently.

Razom for Ukraine

Jointly with this fund, we provide humanitarian aid to thousands of Ukrainians who have suffered during this war.


SoftServe provides free assistance in renewing the СRM-system for Е-Plast. This allows volunteers to preserve time for the most important – the development of the next generation.

Charitable fund “Renaissance"

The foundation has been supporting the institutional development of Plast for 4 years.  This has allowed us to organize warehouses to help the scouts in the military, to make Plast even more eco-friendly and to improve many management processes.


Thanks to Solanus GBMH more than 50 members of Plast and other Ukrainians got first-aid kits with all the necessary components to save their lives.


Jetlagfestival helped us to save the lives of Ukrainian scouts in the military. Thank you for your help and standing with Ukraine.


We want to thank Finnish scouts Partio for providing Plast сub scouts with goods & base for camping and living in Finland. Everyday we had ceremonials with two flags – Ukrainian and Finnish.


Together with the OKKO company, we make Plast safer for children: holding seminars for volunteers, and launching an online textbook on children’s safety.  This became especially important after the start of a full-scale war.


For many years now, Empat has been updating and supporting the Plast website for free, so that more people can participate in the development of Ukraine.

Brizo IT

From the first days of the war, Brizo IT took care of military plast-soldiers.  With their funds, we bought helmets and tourniquets for more than 300 soldiers.


Together with Winner, we trained more than 50 educators throughout Ukraine.  Thanks to the support of the company, they learned to work with children in an interactive way.


ISAR-Union allowed to implement an “Online course for future educators”.  Now, our volunteers, scattered all over the world by the war, will be able to start their work with children more quickly. 

Zagoriy Foundation

With the Zagoriy Foundation, we work together so that more children can develop themselves and subsequently develop Ukraine.  For this, we attract new volunteer educators.  Thanks to our cooperation with the Zahorii Foundation, over 200 children had the opportunity to join the environment of development and Ukrainian values.

Study Tours to Poland

Scholarship programs for plast members — participants of educational exchanges, allowed us to purchase medicines for 200 Ukrainians and medical workers. They continue to save lives even now.

Pobratymy Foundation

Fellow Plast scouts from the USA began to support the development of Plast in the East of Ukraine, because they wanted all children to have equal access to a Ukrainian environment. Now their support helps save the lives of military personnel.

Mykhailo Dvorak and Partners

“Mykhailo Dvorak and Partners” is a law firm that has been providing legal support to Plast in our activities for a long time.