Scouts from Australia - Plast

“To be faithful to God and to Ukraine…”-these words say scouts, when they make ceremonialy their plast oath. Could you imagine the citizens of other countries voluntarily say this phrase? Scouts from ukrainian diaspora all over the world do this regulary.

Today we are talking about ukrainian scouts from Australia who as a group visited Ukraine this August. Their parents, together with other Ukrainians, approximately 70 years ago, for various reasons, were forced to flee their native land and overcome a distant road to find a new home. Life scattered them in the different corners of the Australian continent, but they were able to transfer and grow this ukrainian grain to their children, who actually  have came back by the whole delegation. In particular, as they say, Plast played an important role in their education.

During the visit to Ukraine, they also managed to communicate with Ukrainian scouts on Jamboree,  to meet with Oksana Linynska on the PlasTalks: Oksana Litynska. Climb up with Dzhoolungma and visit the exhibition “Voices from the Ocean”, where the information about their relatives is presented.

These people are the personification of the Plast phenomenon because of their love to historical motherland which never will fade.


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