Bethlehem Fire in Ukraine in 2023 - Plast

Since 1998, Plast has annually taken over the scouting tradition of passing the Peace Light of Bethlehem. 

Scouts of Ukraine and Poland. Photo: Maria Shavel.

Initially, Plast members – Ukrainian scouts passed hand-to-hand right on the border with Poland, a tradition that continues to this day. In 2023, we had this ceremony with Slovakian scouts as well.

Scouts of Ukraine and Slovakia. Photo: Суспільне Ужгород.

And since 2007, the scouts have also participated in the Divine Liturgy in Vienna in honor of the arrival of the Peace Light from Bethlehem.

Plast members in Austria.

Plast’s Role in spreading the Peace Light of Bethlehem

Plast members spread the Light and its message of peace around the whole country. Firstly, they receive it in Vienna from Austrian scouts and then transport to Kyiv – the capital of Ukraine. There is a big ceremony where all significant friends and partners of Plast are involved.

Besides, during the ceremony, children made masking nets, bracelets, and candles for Plast members who are fighting for Ukraine.

Ceremony in Kyiv. Photo: Женя Комарцова.

Then, the Ukrainian railway company helps deliver the Peace Light of Bethlehem.

In less than 24 hours, it appears in all regions of Ukraine, including those near the frontline.

Plast members deliver the Light to all major state institutions, such as the Ukrainian Parliament, the President of Ukraine, and different Ministries.

The most important goal is to share the Light with our defenders. Over 600 Plast members risk their lives to protect our homeland. Thousands of adults and children volunteer to support them, including delivering the Peace Light of Bethlehem.

Plast members passed the Light to those who had fallen while defending Ukraine, too.

Thank you!

Each good deed supports the common fire of our struggle and confidence in victory. As long as each of us is fighting, it continues to burn.

We hope the war ends soon and all the families reconnect. We hope that defenders will celebrate Christmas at home next year. 

But for now, we continue our struggle and are deeply thankful to our scouting community. We appreciate your help during the summers of 2022 and 2023 when over 3000 Ukrainian children had the chance to camp abroad safely 💙 

If you are ready to help, please consider hosting a group of Plast members at your camp in the summer of 2024 or help us find a safe base.


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