Two months of joint battle for the sake of victory - Plast

We protect those who protect us

Two months of resistance and fight for our Independence. Together, we manage to help our defenders recapture our borders every day, save hundreds of lives, and do everything we can to make each of us feel safe.

Thanks to joint efforts, we were able to deliver aid to 5,304 servicemen. This was made possible owing to your support. Thank you!

In two months, we purchased equipment and medicines for UAH 13.7 million. We managed to meet the following needs of the military with the use of this amount:

To save lives – 1.2 million uah

To be protected – 6.4 million

To see the enemy – 2.4 million

To hear each other – 592 thousand

To improve the everyday life of servicemen – 225 thousand

To provide comfort – 2.4 million

To deliver aid – 271 thousand

To help the wounded and the families of the dead – 144 thousand

Our defenders from Kharkiv to Odesa received high-quality equipment that will help them save lives, protect themselves as well as their brothers and sisters, hear each other and, no less importantly, see the enemy in order to hit the target accurately. In two months together we managed to deliver:

Sincere gratitude from the defenders is the engine of our work because it is priceless to see the smiling faces of boys and girls on the battlefront. We are confident that every fulfilled request inspires the military to continue the fight. Our support from the rear is more important than ever.

Our defenders from Nikopol are testing the work of the drone, which we managed to buy and deliver thanks to your contributions. They also received a medical backpack to be able to provide medical care to the wounded, which means that dozens of lives will be saved.

Defenders from Sumy are happy since their requests were fulfilled: backpacks, binoculars, sleeping bags, military uniforms, thermal underwear, and tactical gloves – all these will help them repel the enemy.

First aid kits and tourniquets are already at hand in the military. The boys received essentials for the battle thanks to the support of benefactors because every contribution is important!

Walkie-talkies and night-vision devices are already bringing us closer to our victory. The ability to hear each other paired with the ability to see the enemy is an invincible tandem!

We continue to receive requests from the military on a daily basis and continue to raise funds to meet the needs of as many defenders as possible. That is why we need your support and publicity about fundraising. Only by joint efforts will we be able to achieve the goal.

Owing to your help, first aid kits, tourniquets, bandages, and hemostatics will soon come in handy to servicemen and help them save lives.

10 night vision devices and 20 thermal imagers are just a tiny fracture of what needs to get delivered to hot spots.

As long as the military protects us, we must protect them!

Support our defenders

Slava Ukraini! Glory to Ukraine!


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