Burgeoning of a new Plast branch in Nizhyn - Plast

Plast movement began it`s emerging almost with the onset of quarantine imposition. Daryna Yakushchenko – a volunteer from Nizhyn, gathered like-minded people together and visited with them a Plast training session in Chernihiv in February. Already then they intended to create a new Plast branch in their town -and they have done it! Today Daryna is the head of an initiative scout group. 30 children were already engaged in Nizhyn, who develop themself in two scout patrols with a help of adult mentors.

Daryna used to have a great experience of working with youth before: from 11 years she was held in the summer camps all-over Ukraine, at the eldest age she became the instructor of military-patriotic education of youth.”From the very childhood, I love children and plan to work and connect my life with youth education” –  says Daryna.

We rejoice when new Plast branches are created. If you rejoice too when more children can get quality environs, support the organization. For each collected 3 500 UAH we manage to attract a new volunteer who later could engage with youth or create/developnew branches : https://bit.ly/2UV3Rlr


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