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As of the beginning of the war, Plast is working in the format of Headquarters. Our aim is to react quickly to the challenges  – we process requests for help and try to help to resolve them by encouraging the community to get involved.

How you can help?

  1. Donate to our bills or PayPal account so we can buy all necessary things

2. We accept equipment and medicines at points across Europe according to the army needs

Here you can find our daily reports about raised money.

How we work?

Our centre now is National Plast Headquarters, which is working in several directions and is curated by Central Office of Plast and managers-volunteers:

1. Helping the army.

This is our main priority now. We process requests for everything our soldiers might need, which is:

  • Equipment. Our military, especially those ones in the Territorial Defense, are in need of protection: bulletproof vests, helmets, goggles and knee pads. As well as that, they need to keep warm (so they need thermal underwear and sleeping bags), and be in touch with each other (radio-sets and power banks). They also need many other things, and there’s often not enough money to cover the full list.
  • Medicine. The more active the battles get, the more they are in need of blood-stopping, anti-inflammatory and pain killing meds. Assembling and distributing first-aid kits is one of our most complex tasks.

2. Humanitarian aid for the civilians.

First and foremost, Plast is a community of like-minded people and friends. No one is left alone with their problems, the units are working actively and those in calmer regions are readily welcoming people who need evacuating.

3. Fundraising and information spreading.

We’re constantly in touch with the world, spreading ways to support the army, informing about the recent events and reporting on the work done. We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we do newsletters and our website works in Ukrainian and English. We also keep in touch with Plast representatives worldwide, as well as other funds, scouting and charity organisations.

Activities in region departments

The units and Plast members are actively volunteering and involved in what is going on in their cities. Mainly, we do the following:

  • Help Territorial Defense and the Army – supply protection, medicine, masks and means of communication. 
  • Help refugees by providing accommodation, clothing and food. 
  • Collect humanitarian aid and organise logistics.
  • Prepare the shelters
  • Get involved in the information war

Some of our units are located in the epicentre of military conflict such as Kyiv,  Kharkiv, and Sumy. We are involved in the activities of the Territorial Defense, preparation of the cities to resist the enemy, supplying equipment, medicine, as well as organising food and routine of our defenders. 

Our units in Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ostroh, Starokostiantyniv, and Cherkasy are helping TD and providing humanitarian aid. Lviv and Uzhhorod are in charge of logistics and supply of goods from bordering countries. Ternopyl and Ivano-Frankivsk are collecting humanitarian aid and military equipment for TD and the army.


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