Online Scouting - Plast

  The transition to online meeting gave us many opportunities. What are they? And what about the trip, fomenting fire from three matches and many other magical moments of scouting? Yes, we miss this, but we online activities for Plast members in Ukraine and also from Diaspora. ?

  We have recently conducted a series of such online trainings for future Plast mentors. 98 participants and instructors from Ukraine, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, USA and Austria were involved.

  “Plast is an organization of like-minded people. Scouts are polite with other, good friends and have a positive attitude. The fact that we are all now here together is proof that everything will be ok, “said the organizer of Chrystia Sanatore before the start of the training

  Neither the pandemic nor the boundaries between countries are not the obstacle for the development of scouts. This online activity is not completed, and a team of dare-devils is currently preparing some Plast online-camps.


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