100 Days - The Contribution of the Plast Community in the Victory of Ukraine - Plast

For 100 days now, we stand at the front and in the rear guard; we stand for the lives that our friends have lost, and for our fight for freedom that has lasted centuries. 

Ukraine has held, united and strong. 

The Plast community has three fronts: defending Plast members in thre military; humanitarian aid and working with children, where this is possible.

Defending our Plast members in the military

With your assistance, from the start of the full-scale invasion, we have helped 6588 defenders – including over 1200 who are Plast members or family members of scouts. Over 6500 military members thank you for remaining at their side while achieving the impossible! Thank you! 

During these 3 months, we have managed to provide humanitarian and medical aid worth over 18 million hryvni. We are convinced that our obligation is to care about the safety of our fellow-scouts, who are fulfilling their scouting and military oaths, as the nation of Ukraine is financially not able to provide all elements of necessary protective gear.

With your donations we were able to provide:

На зображенні може бути: текст «Aid given (in hrn) to 6588 military members involved in fighting to: million protective military gear 3,7% 5,2% 1,3% 11,5% 4,1 million visual aid 3 million basic gear 2,1 million life saving gear 950 thousand communication devices 230 thousand living conditions 210 thousand aid to wounded soldiers aid families of deceased soldiers Send aid 670 thousand 38,3% 16,4% 18,2 million hrn 22,5% 6588 soldiers 1393 benefactors»    На зображенні може бути: ‎текст «‎Over the last 100 days we have sent 3 cars 1798 thermal clothing 00= 909 military uniforms and backpacks 35 thermal imagers 2118 sleeping bags and hike mats 12 drones 534 walkie-talkies alkies 372 tourniquets ששי 445 ballistic goggles OUU 1033 small equipment 485 helmets + 1041 tactical equipment 355 first aid kit 0008 1084 tactical vests and magazine pouches‎»‎

This is Dmytro, a Plast member who is currently defending Ukraine. With your help, he obtained a first aid kit, helmet, and body armor that provides protection and increases his chances of survival.

We can share another history, but our friend must remain anonymous.  A donation enabled Plast to give him body armor and he wrote to us a couple of weeks later, stating, “The armor plate stopped 3 bullets.  My ribs are broken, but I am alive”. We are grateful for his life and for the lives of more than 6500 other defenders

We also must report that there have been losses.  Since the start of the russo-Ukrainian War in 2014, we have lost 12 Plast Ukrainian Scouts during their heroic service to our nation. Glory to the heroes! We must continue to do everything we can to minimize such losses. 

На зображенні може бути: 1 особа, військова форма та текст «Bohdan Kryvytskyi, Ukrainian Plast member, died protecting Ukraine»

We provide humanitarian aid to communities who are suffering due to the war

From the first days, plastuny and volunteers from around the world began to support Ukrainians who were close to the fighting.  They did this despite danger and numerous hardships, even providing food and aid in occupied territories such as Chernihiv by crossing the Desna River. 

Plastynu helped deliver humanitarian aid to no less than 280,000 people, providing a warm reception to countless refugees. They provided thousands of tonnes of necessary items including food, hygiene products and medical supplies. Over 50 hospitals and clinics obtained critical medical aid in order to provide emergency care to Ukrainians. 

На зображенні може бути: текст «Humanitarian aid ተளளளளளனனள >280000 victims கரளளளளளளளளள் of hostilities got assistance 3434 people 3000 people evacuated or given helped get aid or veterinary assistance with housing care for animals (in Bucha, Plast Center) 7900 tonnes of humanitarian aid: food, hygiene products, medication 19 buckets varennyky 9 buckets of holybtsi 250 tonnes of medical aid to 50 hospitals Geography of the aid: Cities: Syny, Kharkiv, Okhtyrka, Bucha, Chernihiv, Volnovakha.Kherson, Mariupol. Velyka Oleksandrivka Mala Oleksandrivka, Novooleksandrivka. Novovorontsovka, Vysokopillya Kherson Oblast, Trostianets in Sumy Oblast,Zaporizhzhia, Mykolaiv, Zhytomyr, Ivano-Frankivsk, Malyn, Slavutych, Bucha, Irpin, Makariv»” width=”630″ height=”630″></p>
<p><span style=Plast Members in Bucha helped provide emergency supplies to over 10,000 people.

       На зображенні може бути: 2 людини та текст «сильно красно украна обережна»

Plast Ivano-Frankivsk delivered more than 200 tonnes of humanitarian aid to hot zones.

Defenders were able to celebrate a peaceful Easter, receiving a small Easter basket provided by scout groups. They were given Easter bread as well as other home-made baked items.


Currently, Plast Ukrainian Scouts continues to receive many requests for help from Ukrainians.  Much of this help is supported by our friends from the Czech Embassy, Polish Scouts and Ukrainian communities in Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Germany, America, Canada as well as many other groups. We are thankful for all of the support of our partners because it allows us to continue to provide aid to all those who request our assistance.

Plast Washington assembled several hundred first aid kits and sent them to our members serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

We continue to help our children to adapt and to develop their skills

Today, it may be difficult to envision how we will be able to restart our Plast educational programs.  Many of our counselors and leaders are on the front lines or have been forced to emigrate. Children have left their homes and are learning to adapt to new places of residence. Children need their supportive group of friends, with whom they feel safe. Therefore, many scouting leaders are starting to re-initiate the work of Plast.  Close to 60-70% of children have already had a chance to participate in a scouting event since the start of the war. Many activities are continued online or in bomb shelters, due to the continued daily danger from russian rockets.

Together with psychotherapists, we have developed materials for scouting leaders to help children.  These activities are focussed on stimulating discussion of their experiences, lessening anxiety and integrating into new communities in their new places of residence. Children are taught about the importance of self care, maintaining one’s health, providing first aid and avoiding dangers in the wartime environment.

Scouting camps are an important part of the developmental process for children.  In this challenging year, camps can once again become a place where children can have a respite from the difficulties they have faced, feel support and find renewed energy. We are doing everything to provide children with access to a safe camp this summer. 

With the help of our friends, the Polish and Italian Scouts, Plast cells in different countries of Europe we are able to accommodate  600-800 children from Ukraine at camps this summer. We have also received assistance from the Czech Embassy and can run camps for another 2000 internally displaced children if it will be possible. 

There are many challenges, as many volunteers cannot continue their activities with children due to the realities of war. Some are serving in the military, some were forced to emigrate or had their house destroyed, some lost loved ones and can not find the strength to interact with children. Children need a chance to continue their development; we will do everything possible so that they can still have a childhood. 

We thank everyone! We appreciate your kind words, warm embraces and for the opportunity to allow Plast to contribute to the fight for victory, and especially for allowing scouting to continue to promote the development of Ukrainian children and youth.

Support Plast for Ukraine! 

With greetings from all Ukrainian Plast members! 

With your support we are ready to meet the future.


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