Family of Plast members in diaspora - Plast

  There is something that unites Ukrainians wherever they are. These feelings are difficult to describe in words, but they are always visible in actions. We are going to tell about Ripetskyi family (Andriy and Ruta ) and you could immediately understand what  is it about. They are with their daughter on the photo.

  Both Andrew and Ruta are scouts. Ruta coordinates Plast cells in the United States, Andriy works as a psychiatrist doctor at the hospital near Chicago. Their daughter – Maiya and Zoe are also pupils of the organization.  They are actively participating in building of the ukrainian scout system in the USA, engaged to educational work and organize camps.

  In addition, the Ripessky family gives their time for the development of Plast in the USA, they also enhance the development of Plast projects in the South and East of Ukraine.

  “Plast educates young reliable citizens, who will take leading roles in the state in the near future. To support Plast principles and values is the most effective way of development for society in Ukraine “,-believe the members of Ripetskiy family.


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