Plast members Roman Tymosko and Solomia Borovska at Davos - Plast

On January 26 during a panel discussion at Ukraine House at the Davos Economic Forum Roman Tymosko spoke on behalf of the non-governmental  sector of Ukraine while Solomiia Bobrovska represented the political sector.  This panel discussion at the World Economic Forum has been organized by the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation for three consecutive years.

This year Ukrainian youth shared their personal histories and experience in the public, political, innovative and media areas.  It is in Davos that the changes which are occuring in Ukraine can be fully felt.  Thanks to such events, we understand how important it is to invest into the younger generation, which is the engine for these changes.

“Scouting is a great example of how the public sector has been transformed:  small changes are being made at the ground level with a strategy for many years into the future.  We educate young people, who will become professionals not only in Ukraine but also at the world level,” said Roman Tymosko, a member of the Central Plast office.

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