Plast and Caritas organized a gingerbread painting for children - Plast

Children are the most vulnerable ones in times of war. So, scouts from Khmelnytskyi region and the charity fund Caritas Starokostantyniv made sure children from other cities would feel welcomed in the new community.

They attended a gingerbread painting workshop in the bakery Taste Of Childhood. Plast members shared The Light of Peace from Bethlehem with bakery owners.

The fund began its work from the very beginning of the full-scale invasion of russia. Yuriy Lanyk, a scout chaplain, is a head of the fund.

After several joint activities with Caritas Starokostantyniv and local scouts, internally displaced children decided to join a scout family.

We are thrilled to see how business and NGOs unite in difficult times. You are welcome to join too!

Support children from liberated cities. We are collecting money on humanitarian packages for them here.

Together, we will defeat darkness!


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