PlasTalks in Chernihiv with an explorer and Plast member - Plast

The first PlasTalks with Mykola Havryliuk were held this past weekend in Chernihiv.  During the event he shared his experiences of exploration using his own trip from Brazil to the Antarctic as an example.  The trip, which lasted 14 months, was planned in a matter of only 10 minutes somewhere in the vicinity of Mariyinka, where Mykola was serving as a paramedic in the Ukrainian Volunteer Army.  During this time Mykola travelled 26,000 kilometers through South America and Antarctica, tried himselve as an assistant to the operator for a documentary about the “Academic Vernadsky” station,  studied a new culture and languages, patted an alpaca and penguins, old everyone about Ukraine, was robbed and to became the help of two strangers and old friends.

These stories inspired Chernihiv residents who founded an organizing group of volunteers to create a new Plast branch in their own city.

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