Report of the Plast’s military support headquarters #5 - Plast

Friends, we thank each one of you for your daily support and help to our military! 

Аs for March 3, 2022, we have purchased and delivered equipment, medicines, weapons, and other military equipment for USD 46,800. We report that we have spent USD 35,900 on equipment, USD 7,150 on medicines, USD 256 on weapons, USD 213 on other supplies, and USD 579 on logistics, the rest – tax.

Yesterday we bought tactical gloves, thermal kits for USD 890 and handed them over to the soldiers. Proper equipment will help them maintain good health in such difficult circumstances.

We also bought camouflage sets for USD 2975. Operational camouflage is an important tool of military tactics.

We are very grateful, because only by joint efforts will we be able to repel the enemy. Equipment, medicine, and weapons are a necessity for our defenders. All this will help them to withstand the battle with dignity and win!

That is why we need your support. And above all, you can support soldiers financially. Our headquarters processes military requests around the clock to purchase the necessary items and delivers them where required.

Support defenders.

Glory to Ukraine!


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