Scouting causes positive changes in children`s lifes - Plast

  Today we are going to tell about Lev and how Plast has changed his life. Lev is 9 years old: the first three years of his life he lived in Donetsk, and the remaining six in Kyiv. In the east of Ukraine there are less reasons to speak Ukrainian for a child, but strangely that in the capital the situation looks the same.

  Lev never had a Ukrainian-language environment. Parents try to be an example, read with the son Ukrainian books, but also share a problem: “From time to time we try to to communicate only in Ukrainian in our family, but there are some psychological barriers. For example, when you can`t find the best word in Ukrainian. We think in Russian and already then translate thoughts into Ukrainian. ” Now Lev is a Plast member. He has Ukrainian-language environment for already a year and a half, where he can practice his language and find people from whom to learn.

  There are thousands of children such Lev. Thousands of those who need Ukrainian-language friends to learn communication in Ukrainian. They need mentors to understand that Ukrainian language is not a shame in the native country.  And it is possible to help them!


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