"Ukraine was neither an object nor a subject of science" (O. Subtelny)
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Orest Subtelny is the author of the first history textbook in independent Ukraine, one of the most influential Ukrainian historians of the late twentieth century. Today, he would have turned 82!

Orest Subtelny lived in Canada. He was also a Plast member of the Burlak Vataga hut. During the last years of his life, Orest Subtelny had been working on the history of Plast.

He wrote it in English, trying to convey to the world that the patriotic organization of Ukrainian youth operated throughout the entire twentieth century, when Ukraine remained enslaved by other states.

Today, Ukraine is enduring the hardhips of the war. Despite that, Plast continues developing youth. We plan to organize 150 summer camps for 5000 children. Help us with our mission here:


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