Report of The Plast’s military support headquarters #4 - Plast

Glory to Ukraine!

Dear friends, we are grateful to each of you for your strong support and assistance to our military forces. In five days we managed to buy equipment, medicines, and weapons for $40795,26.

We have already purchased and delivered equipment, medicines, weapons, and other military equipment for $40795,26. We are reporting that we spent $30475,03 on equipment, $6885,01 on medicines, $207,42
on weapons, $298,41 on other supplies, and $249,74 on logistics, the rest of the money is taxes.

Yesterday we bought shoes, carbines, and other equipment for Special Operations Command for $4427. Now it is crucial to equip our defenders.

Helmets, bulletproof vests, backpacks, sleeping bags, rugs, knives, medicines, syringes, elastic bandages, and much more were delivered to our soldiers’ thanks to your support. Thank you!


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